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If you own or are buying an apartment in Tignes, you have probably considered renting it out to help cover the running costs and generate an income. can offer you two different options for renting out your apartment through our website. In doing so we aim to maximise your rental income over the year, whilst making it as straightforward and stress free for you as possible.

Our Options

Weekly : We advertise your property to find clients to rent on a weekly basis. The change over days are normally Saturdays, however we have a number of apartments that run from Sunday to Sunday (avoiding the Saturday traffic), and some apartments from Wednesday to Wednesday (people tend to use these for long Weekends).

Seasonally : We agree one set price to rent your apartment from you for the full Winter season, then we can either rent it weekly, or to a seasonaire. This period is usually from the beginning of December through to the end of April but can sometimes be longer.

Below is a comparison table for you to weigh up what may suit you best.


Weekly Rentals
Seasonal Rentals
The basics of weekly rentals
With this option we manage all aspects of renting your apartment out weekly, leaving you nothing to do apart from watch the money come in! We will advertise your property on our website which receives, on average over one million page views, maximising advertising and sales throughout the year. We take care of each reservation from start to finish, including cleaning the apartment, providing linen, organising maintenance, key-holding and offering a high level of customer service to your guests. For this service we charge 35% for each week sold.
Note: You can find people who will clean and change over your apartment for a lower fee however you must remember we will work hard on maximising occupation through advertising your apartment, this is key to a better return (e.g. 35% of 17 weeks is a far greater return than 15% of 10 weeks and less work for you)

The basics of seasonal rentals
With the seasonal option, we still manage your apartment completely, offering the same services as we would do for the weekly rental option, however we can pay you one set agreed price for the whole season and add on our commission. This means you will always know your income. Our commission level varies depending on the apartment, however we will agree the amount you receive prior to advertising/letting your apartment.

Then we have two options:
1) We can either rent it out weekly (this is at the risk of as you will receive a set amount for the season)
2) We can rent it to a seasonaire.

Advantages of weekly rentals
You can still have use of your apartment for as many weeks as you want. Also if your apartment is priced correctly and we can get some good photographs - there would be a good chance of getting above the average of 17 weeks sold - i.e. maximum potential return.
Advantages of seasonal rentals
You will know exactly how much money in rent that you will receive. In recent years, seasonal rates have increased which has reduced the difference between weekly and seasonal rent amounts.
Disadvantages of weekly rentals
This has an element of risk - If your apartment is over priced or added to our Web site late there is a chance that you will average less than the 17 weeks.
Disadvantages of seasonal rentals
The main disadvantage of a seasonal let is you cannot use your apartment whilst it is being rented, which is normally most or all of the season. However we can offer you other apartments at reduced rates which we will happily discuss in advance.


A little bit about us was set up by brother and sister, Adrian and Clare Dawson, and has grown over the years to now include almost 40 properties across Tignes, all privately owned by different people. Our team work hard throughout the year to provide a comprehensive and professional service to our guests, including not only apartment rental, but also airport transfers, lift passes, lessons, childcare and much more. The website has been running since 2002, and now gets well over a million page views per year. Our customers are mainly from the UK, however we have an increasing number of nationalities booking with us from all over Europe, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Asia, Scandinavia, and South America.


Contact Us

If you’re interested in renting your apartment out through, please email Clare, Sarah and Hannah will be able to answer any questions you have. They are in resort for the majority of the year, and hence can arrange meetings and viewings where necessary.

















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