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Rebel Alliance offer the highest level of coaching for all levels of riders. English speaking snowboard school specialising in private lessons, performance courses, off-piste and freestyle sessions within the resort of Tignes. Passionate, professional and extremely experienced. Allow your snowboarding skills to be taken to the next level.

   Personal Coaching

Whether you are just starting out or you can already ride and want to develop some new skills, private sessions with Rebel Alliance really is the most effective way to take your riding to the next level!

• Fast track learning
• Working to your level
• Perfect for kids
• Beginners - Guaranteed to get you riding within 1 week!
• Show-off's - Advance your skills off-piste, freestyle, or performance riding
• Get your set up checked out by a pro
• Tricks and tips to keep you looking cool on the mountain
• Next level coaching experience
• Video feedback
• Whatever your level guaranteed maximum progression!

1.5 hour private session
2 hour private session
3 hour private session
4 hour private session
Full day private session
* up to 2 people, for additional people, £15 per person per hour.



Come and ride the Classic Lines of Tignes.
Lets face it, there is nothing like the sensation of riding in fresh powder. Its what snowboarding is all about. Tignes has some of the best off-piste terrain anywhere in the world and the best snow record in Europe.

What you get on the RA snowboarding freeride course
The course will take you on some of the classic lines of Tignes including Mickie’s ears, Tuffs couloirs, Chardonnay bowl, Grappion and Pisteurs Couloir. (Amongst others).
Your RA coach is an extremely experienced off-piste snowboarder… meaning that you can be shown all the secret spots and cheeky lines that you wouldn’t find if you were riding on your own. Apart from showing you the local stash spots, you will be coached in the art of freeride. There is more to it than “just lean back”.
Sessions are 3 hrs long, giving us ample time to access one of the classic lines of the area. There will usually be a walk involved, never more than one hour. You will be given avalanche equipment and full instructions on how to use it. Groups are kept to a maximum of six riders to ensure safe, productive sessions.
Please note that you need a strong intermediate level of snowboarding and you must have a reasonable level of fitness to join our off-piste courses. All routes are subject to change at our coaches discretion, taking into account different snow and weather conditions.
3 Hour morning sessions. Monday – Friday.
Max 6 in a group. £250



Ok, so you wanna' be able to show off, right? You just need that little party piece as your cruising into apres on the last run of the day?... Rebel alliance can make you cooler, whatever your level.

• Easy to understand progressions for all levels
• Group sessions
• Private sessions
• Intro to freestyle for those just finding their feet - starting with the basics
• Learn to butter
• 180's and 360's
• Boxes - 50/50's, backside and frontside board slide
• Jumps - learn to hit kickers
• 'Shredding' - Blending natural terrain features with high performance riding
• Learn to ride with style & ease ('steez')


For private sessions refer to private lesson costs under 'personal coaching’. For group sessions contact us to see what we can offer you.


   Performance Courses

Our performance courses are designed to teach you how to ride the whole mountain.
The course covers all aspects of snowboarding including steep terrain, moguls, switch riding, powder, carving and freestyle.

What you get on the RA Performance Course.
Firstly, RA will ensure that your equipment is set up to get the most out of your performance. This doesn't take long, but will be helpful with your ability to implement the technique that will be taught to you. Incorrectly set up boards can also be uncomfortable and bio-mechanically bad for your body.
A big focus of RA snowboarding is to pass on the knowledge of how snowboarding actually works. This is key to your continued progression and helps build confidence. Your RA coach will explain the way a snowboard was designed to be ridden.
Daily video sessions are used to enhance your understanding of your own riding. RA courses are quite tecnical and you will have your riding scrutinised by a vastly experienced and highly qualified snowboard specific coach. Your RA coach will not only provide the simple technical advice that you need, but will also make you more aware of the tactics necessary for you to ride the whole mountain confidently.

3 Hour morning sessions, Monday - Friday.
Max 6 in a group. £250.

Rebel Group



Kids Here at Rebel Alliance we have coached all levels of young riders (age 6 upwards), from beginners to mini-pro’s.

We prefer to teach young beginners in private sessions with maximum two riders. Our coach needs the ability to use hands-on techniques to enable your child to learn snowboarding the same way they learnt to walk - by doing!

For more advanced kids we offer private sessions and also young rider performance courses which are aimed at getting intermediate young riders, that love snowboarding together in a group.
We'll shred around the mountain having fun and theres a chance to learn how to spray powder, hit their first jump in the park or learn a tail press.
Rebel Alliance is down with the kids! Keeping things fun is high on our priorities, but we do not compromise safety.

(There is a maximum of 6 in a group, sessions run 3 hours a day.)

Contact us to discuss how we can give your child the snowboarding experience of a life time!


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