British Ski Tuition in Tignes from Alpine Logic

Alan Hole established Alpine Logic, British Ski Instruction in Tignes, in December 1999. Alan is a trained teacher and a former mountaineering instructor.


Qualified as a International Ski Teacher (ISTD) he has been at the forefront of British ski instruction for the past 25 years. He has managed several of the United Kingdom's leading artificial ski slopes and was instrumental in establishing Ski Supreme, the British Ski School in Courcheval 1850.


A former trainer and Chairman of the British Association of Ski Instructors and Staff Coach of the English ski council, Alan's competence at ski teaching is second to none.


Further Information

For more details on how Alpine Logic achieve their results please see the philosophy and skiing sections below.

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Ski Tuition with an emphasis on tuition is Alpine Logic's base line. We want you, the client, to improve your performance so that both your safety and enjoyment is enhanced. This is not done by magic, but by clear, logical tuition, making sure you understand what is required in any given situation, after having ensured that the equipment you are using is both appropriate and adjusted to your needs.

In order to ski well, a clear understanding of the fundamentals is required and then an appreciation of where to apply them, how often and with what degree of intensity.

In order to reach this goal, Alpine Logic only conducts its tuition in small groups or to individuals. However, if you are part of a larger group, Alpine Logic can tailor its tuition to your desired requirements.

Alpine Logic, as serious about teaching as you are about learning:

British Ski Instruction in Tignes

  • Established in Tignes for seven years

  • Fully qualified staff, British & French qualifications

  • Private & small group tuition

  • On & off piste tuition

  • All off piste security equipment provided

  • Priority on the lifts

  • Visits to other resorts available, Les Arc, Rosière and St Foy & Three Valleys






The Skiing

In the past Alan and his colleagues have all worked within a ski school environment and felt that the constraints of administration and larger groups detract from the quality of tuition and individual care that the client deserves.

Alpine Logic can offer tuition by the day, morning or afternoon; or 2 or 3 hour sessions. You choose.

Alpine Logic Tuition Sessions


Establishing the Fundamentals

Without a clear understanding of the fundamentals of skiing, progress is bound to be slow, inaccurate and frustrating. This two-hour session is a must for those who believe that they are on a plateau and just can't get off.

With a maximum of four persons per session this is an ideal way of getting both your feet and head around core skiing and establishing a sound foundation for your skiing.

Cost: 1-2 persons 120 euros. Additional persons 20 euros pp. Max 4 persons.



Exploiting the Fundamentals

All skilled skiers exploit the fundamentals whether they are aware of it or not. When performed either skilfully or just naturally the effect is always stunning.

This session is for those who have skied for at least 10 weeks and wish to expand their repertoire. The three-hour session gives time to travel further afield and depending on conditions explore 'the bumps' and take first steps 'off piste'.

Cost: 1-2 persons 180 euros. Additional persons 30 euros pp. Max 4 persons.


Off Piste Skiing

Alpine Logic can equip four people with rucksacks containing transceivers, probes, shovels and first aid kits. And can therefore offer, depending on snow conditions, either introductory tuition in off piste travel or short off piste expeditions.

In order to familiarise the party with the use of avalanche search equipment the minimum time required for an off piste session is four hours.

Cost: 1-2 persons 240 euros. Additional persons 40 euros pp. Max 4 persons.


Visits to other Resorts

Within a 30 minute drive from Tignes lie the resorts of Les Arc, Rosière and St Foy. Visiting Les Arc gives us the opportunity to ski across to La Plagne and Champany en Vanoise. Going to Rosière allows us to ski across into Italy (La Thuille) an St Foy can provide the best off piste skiing in the area without crowds to spoil it.

The cost of visiting other resort varies on the group needs and will need to be discussed.

Cost: 1-2 persons 240 euros. Additional persons 40 euros pp. Max 4 persons



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