Helping You To Ski Better TDC is all about helping you really improve your skiing in an enjoyable, relaxed environment.

Rather than pre-planned lessons and drills, our approach is based around coaching you on your style as an individual, allowing you to really make a breakthrough in confidence and ability.

What TDC can do for You - our Ski Lessons will Develop Your Skiing We have a range of clinics and private development lessons available to suit a range of requirements and budgets.


TDCski Group Ski Lessons

Designed to allow individuals to get access to quality and specific ski instruction, groups are kept between 3-6 people, ensuring quality coaching and instruction for each individual. 3 half days, 3hrs per day, including the use of on the hill video feedback. €220pp

Confidence Clinic - for strong green run skiers...
-improve and consolidate on the basics of ski technique, learn to make easy flowing turns in control

Discovery Clinic - for strong blue run skiers...
-discover more of the mountain, make skiing easy, learn how to ski more challenging terrain, increase your speed whilst maintaining control, learn to carve.

Development Clinic - for strong red run skiers...
-improve your technique, take on steeper slopes, ski more runs with greater confidence, take on different snow types to develop your performance

Development Plus Clinic - for strong red run /ok black run skiers...
-use the skills you already have to take on more varied slopes, start to learn the basics of skiing bumps and skiing off the piste

Challenges Clinic - for strong black run skiers...
take on new goals in the bumps, on the steeps, in difficult snow, on the piste; challenge yourself – there are always ways to get better


TDCski Private Ski Lessons

For those individuals, or groups, who would like to benefit from their own instructor, private lessons are a great way to achieve an improvement in your skiing performance.

Private ski lessons are sometimes the best way to get the changes in your skiing that you want, at TDC Tignes, our private ski lessons can do exactly that for you. If you feel that our group ski lessons are not at your level (e.g. you may be a very novice skier) or that you simply want your own tailored lesson, then Private Development lesson is the option for you.

Lesson times are normally:
Mornings 9am - 12 noon - or - Afternoons 1pm - 4pm - or - All day

1-2 people 220 €
3-4 people 235 € 3 hours
5-6 people 250 €
1-6 people 475 € All day
(prices are per lesson not per person - i.e. if you were to have a private development lesson for 4 people the session would be 235 € in total or 58.75 € per person)



TDCski Off Piste Ski Clinics

Learn to ski powder in a group clinic format. Ski the whole mountain, go on adventures that you never thought possible. All Off Piste safety equipment will be supplied.
(3 days, 3 hours per day, 220 € per person)

Off Piste Introduction Clinic : designed for those who wish to try off-piste skiing for the first time - with good quality coaching it is not as hard as you think.

Off Piste Adventure Clinic : designed for those who have skied off-piste a bit before and wish to take it further and explore more of the mountain.


TDCski Chlidren's and Teenagers Ski Lessons
"Ski School" for teenagers who have outgrown traditional Ski School”

TDC Tignes Teen Clinics are designed to allow your teenagers to continue to develop their skiing skills in a fun safe and challenging environment.

Small Group Ski Lessons with a 'new school' twist for teenagers
- learn to jump, ride rails, ski powder, nail moguls and ride switch, the teenager's clinic does it all!

Fantastic all round ski coaching for 10 - 17yr olds. Price - 5 half days Monday – Friday €375

TDC Devils - 10 - 13 year olds … parallel skiers on red runs
5 half days - piste, freestyle, jumps, bumps, variable terrain, racing

TDC Academy - 14 - 17 year olds … parallel skiers on black runs
5 half days - piste, freestyle, jumps, bumps, variable terrain, racing.