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Summer Activities



FREE Activities  with "My Tignes OPEN" your pass to try lots of sporting activities during your holiday in Tignes!
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Dates: from 30 June to 02 September 2018


Water sport centre
The naturally formed 25-hectare lake in the heart of Tignes turns into the ideal family playground. Tignes beach Climb aboard a catamaran, Hobbie Cat or dinghy boat and catch the high altitude wind. A canoe, kayak, stand up paddle or pedal boat will also give you a chance to go boating in the mountains. Relaxation and sunshine will lift your spirits during your adventure on the lake.


Come to acquire the skills of an excellent bowman: dexterity, concentration and self-discipline. Natural setting archery course An open-air sport, archery is practised with specially designed equipment in a safe setting at Lognan athletic centre (Val Claret). Our instructors will be delighted to introduce you to this ancient practice, which has evolved with modern technologies. Workshops are open to enthusiasts of every level. Games and demonstrations are held throughout the afternoon.


Sports Beach
During your summer stay in Tignes, discover a place no sport enthusiast can resist: the Sport Beach. Activities here are varied and the challenges to take on many, with a trampoline located near the tennis courts and playing field next to the children’s recreation area. It’s the ultimate for all-around athletes! A summer of challenges Throughout the summer, the Sport Beach is animated by holidaymaker challenges. Beach football, beach volleyball, beach rugby, tennis and table tennis are all offered and unlimited depending of crowds, as well as petanque. Life’s a beach in Tignes!


The place to be, freestylers of every discipline come together at the lakeside skatepark for hours of wicked riding. This state-of-the-art facility was imported from Basel, Switzerland following the 2005 European Skateboard Championships. With a surface area measuring 800 m², it has 12 features adapted for use by the general public and suited to inline skating, BMX cycling and freestyle ATB.
Tignes' skatepark offers hard-core riders an urban playground through its unusual ‘street park’ design. Just a beginner? No worries. A street playground enables you to learn the fundamentals of riding at a relaxed paced. It’s enough to send the adrenaline surging and participate in one of many summer contests!


Hiking Pedestrian lifts are free from June 27th to July 3rd (Palafour and Toviere gondola) & from July 4th to August 30st 2015 (Palafour and Tufs chairlift, Toviere gondola)!
Hiking enthusiasts in Tignes will delight in a 55,000-hectare recreation area in the heart of preserved wilderness. Nearly half the village is located in the Vanoise national Park, which forms – together with the Italian National park “du Grand Paradis” –the most expansive protected area in Western Europe. In this unique park, wild animals (marmots, chamois and ibex) thrive, natural resources abound, and the landscapes take your breath away!


Other activities available include:          

White Water Rafting
Via Ferreta
Paint Ball
Helicopter Tours



For more details on these please Email information@tignes.co.uk